Since 2018, Mario Kapun encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in people as the CEO of Lyconet. Not only the regular exchange with successful entrepreneurs but also the sharing of experiences is of great importance to him in his position.

“These encounters are always personal highlights for me. It is incredibly fulfilling for me to meet people who look positively into the future, recognise visions and opportunities and take their lives into their own hands.”

Anything is possible

In the course of your life, you will often hear sayings such as “This will never work. You should give up!”. You should never take this “advice” to heart! Especially when it comes to breaking new ground, an “Anything is possible” mentality is necessary.
Mario Kapun has made this his motto. “Instead of being talked down to, you should think bigger. Only with courage is it possible to grow as an entrepreneur.”


Self-knowledge is an important prerequisite to be able to grow as a person. To obtain it, the ability of self-reflection in connection with regular mental hygiene is required above all. “This is absolutely necessary in today’s business world. It means focusing on positive things that and surrounding yourself with people who are good for you. At the same time, you try to block out negative influences.”

Lyconet vision

One of the factors that have helped him in this process are the views of the American psychologist Wayne W. Dyer, which he recorded in his book “Your Erroneous Zones“.

Mario Kapun passes these methods on at his numerous appearances around the world, where he presents his ambitious vision for Lyconet making stadiums buzz with thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Lyconet CEO

Only with courage is it possible to grow as an entrepreneur.It is only possible with courage to grow as an entrepreneur.